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Author Latoya Beatty

Mrs. Beatty states, "I am honored and astounded to say that I am the first African American author of children’s books in the state of West Virginia! Besides being an author of children’s books, I am also an entrepreneur. I own and Direct Little Pandas Learn-N-Play Center here in Martinsburg. Along my journey I’ve obtained a Bachelor of Science, Associate of Arts, and a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Working with children has always brought me joy. It is an absolute passion of mine! I’ve always enjoyed writing as well. When I decided to write children’s books it just felt natural! I believe educating children starts before the toddler stage! That’s why it is not only important for children to read, but it is even more important for parents to read to their children. I have 6 published children’s books available in paperback, hardback, and e-book format. The titles A is for Africa! and B is for Barbados! are the first two books that are a part of the series. This series of books will include books for every letter of the alphabet with facts about different countries! A is for Africa! takes children on an African safari and teaches them about different animals in Africa! B is for Barbados! teaches children about adventures, foods, sports, and celebrations in Barbados! My books are both fun and educational for young children." 

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